Guide to furnish vacation rentals

  • Keep it fresh and simple. A good paint job makes a big difference. Avoid too much home accessories, fluffy decorating pillows, throws, delicate curtains or tapestry headboards. How you decorate your home is a different story, but in this case, less is definitely more.
  • Avoid rugs – especially under the dining table – since they are dust magnets. If you want a big carpet in the living room, chose one in a material that is easy to clean. Check out Pappelina design rugs that are both functional and long-lasting.
  • Durable materials are important. Pick a sofa that has a removable cover or why not consider buying a leather sofa instead. A good quality couch will last for years. If you still want a fabric sofa, make sure you buy a high quality one, since it will require more maintenance compared to a leather sofa that just needs some wiping and dusting from time to time.
  • Storage space is important. A shoe rack, a table in the hallway to put the keys on, sufficient space in the bathroom and night tables are all small details that will make a huge difference for the tenants.
  • Lamps. Don’t forget the lamps. Nothing is more depressing than spending time in a house or apartment that is poorly lit.

This mood board was made for a holiday rental in Tauro and provides an example of how one can furnish a living room on a budget. Everything is from IKEA and one can easily add some bits and pieces from other stores to give it a more personal touch.

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